The Best Range Bag Of All Time

The Best Range Bag Of All Time

Shooting guns is supposed to be fun. It's time to eliminate any distractions that prevent us from doing it. We may not be able to lower the cost of ammo but we can sure as heck provide a way to turn your armory of guns into a mobile one. 

Why does this bag exist?

This bag exist because getting to the range is a bigger hassle than it should be. I get so annoyed when packing for the range takes longer than the actual shooting experience. This bags purpose is to allow you to bring it right to your safe and load up any rifles, handguns, gear, magazines and ammo you might need. 

The problem with not having a bag like this is the disorganization and time it takes to get your stuff. If you are a serious shooter you waste way to much time getting your crap together. 

Technical Features 

Three individual rifle slots

A first of it's kind with three individual slots for rifles. All are heavily padded to protect your gun. They will fit any rifle up to 50 inches long and fit rifles with large scopes and bi-pods. 

Two secured handgun slots

In the front of the bag are two handgun specific slots for your handguns to stay protected and secure. 


Rifle/Handgun seperation tabs

Inside of the handgun slots is a tab that is sewn in on one side and velcro on the other. This tab is designed to allow you to open and close it depending on the gun. With it closed you can secure your handgun and still fit a mid-sized rifle in the rifle slot. With it open you can fit your longer rifles up to 50 inches in length. 

Versatile middle slot 

The middle rifle slot has a zipper that runs the entire length of the bag. Included in that slot is six velcro tabs that you can move around however you like to store your gear and guns. Pull the tabs out and its a full size rifle slot, add the tabs to store gear, handguns or a rifle/handgun combo. 

Side Pockets with elastic magazine holders 

Two large side pockets give you plenty of space for miscellaneous gear or use the elastic tabs to store handgun magazines. 

AR-15 magazine pockets 

Four AR-15 specific magazine pouches to organize and keep your mags ready to go. 

Heavy duty carry handles 

All carry straps are sewn all the way around the bag for maximum strength. Hand straps secure with velcro for a good carry position or use the shoulder strap with a comfortable pad. Also included are two handles on the front and back of the bag to easily grab the bag out of a vehicle.  

Waterproof vinyl bottom 

Heavy duty 18 oz Vinyl on the bottom of the bag to provide superior protection from dirt, mud, water and any other harsh elements. It's 100% waterproof to protect your guns from anything. 

High quality USA made product

Our bags are not cheap, That's because we want to give you the best quality we possibly can. You can trust that our bags will last forever and stand up to anything you throw at them. 


 If you love this sport as much as I do I know you understand the value of good products. Take the time to invest in something that provides you with the ultimate shooting experience. Get out and have some fun! 

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Sorry I overlooked the tiny Dimensions and Materials on the bag page:
Exterior: 1000 Denier Nylon
Interior: 450 Denier Nylon
Bottom: 18oz durable Vinyl

Will fit any rifle up to 50” in lengt


Questions / Suggestions:
Consider wrapping the vinyl bottom up the side a couple of inches to create a bathtub on the bottom (similar to how good tents are created). That said perhaps hide the side vinyl on the inside for aesthetics…

Please disclose the material of the bag (in addition to your 18ga vinyl). Is it ballistic nylon? Which gage nylon? Codura, which material? Like for a tactical vest they mention the material. Please do the same for the tech specs for this bag. Also can you provide details of all the zippers? Zippers matter. I absolutely HATE when a good bag is suited with cheap zippers. Are these large tooth zippers or small tooth zippers? Metal or plastic? Close up photos of the bag, zippers, connections, etc. Please email me also in case I don’t stop back.


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