Our Mission

There’s a select number of people out there that find value in standing out. We want to provide you the opportunity to be a part of a group that values your desire to be peculiar. Giving you more time to get out and play instead of being weighed down with tedious tasks and annoyances.

Where we started

In 2019 we truly began the bag journey. Under the name Adrenalin Industries we sold bags to friends, online and at trade shows. Also part of that business we built and sold Expedition trucks and other rare vehicles.


Where we are going

As both companies grew we eventually needed to split. In November of 2021 we became Peculiar Gear. A brand fully dedicated to providing gear to those with peculiar habits and hobbies.

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The Name

Inspired by the bible verse 1 Peter 2:9 the name Peculiar came as the perfect way to explain what our brand meant to us. We glory in being Peculiar.

  • Cole

    Owner and Founder of Peculiar Gear. I'm quite OCD and obsessed with having my gear organized. Which is why I love bags that solve problems.

  • Maloree

    Cole's Boss, Gear model and assistant social media specialist. Runs her own Beauty business doing eyelash extensions out of our home.